1. Retura TRV AS – Responsibilities

1.1 Waste management by Retura TRV AS
Retura TRV AS is committed to handling the agreed types of waste in an environmentally appropriate and statutory manner. All waste will be processed at a certified facility.

1.2 Holidays
Whenever scheduled waste collection along a set route fall on a national holiday, the waste will be picked up within 2 business days before or after the scheduled pick-up time.

1.3 Waste removals
All agreed/scheduled removals are invoiced. Where the number of collection units varies, there is a minimum fee.

2. Customer – Responsibilities

2.1 Content
The customer is responsible for the content of the collection units, the purity of any sorted fractions and for ensuring that waste is not stuck in the collection unit. Units/containers must not be overfilled or unevenly loaded in such a way that they cannot be secured or transported without risk. Failure to comply with these rules may entail an additional fee and the unit may be left behind until the customer has correctly loaded the unit. If a bag is used for collection, the bag must be transparent to allow inspection of the content. The use of non-transparent bags may result in the waste not being collected, or our facility may refuse to accept it.

2.2 Hazardous waste
Hazardous waste (e.g. oil, batteries, CCA -treated wood, PCB) or other waste classified as hazardous according to national waste regulations, must be deposited in a certified hazardous waste container. Radioactive, explosive or infectious waste must be deposited in separate/certified units/containers. The customer is obligated to declare hazardous waste in accordance with national regulations. The declaration must be registered electronically on the avfallsdeklarering.no website. The customer may authorize Retura TRV AS to handle the declaration on the customers behalf.

2.3 Public property
If waste collection equipment is placed on publically operated property, the customer may be charged a fee by the municipality. All placement on publically operated property is subject to a permit issued by Trondheim Bydrift or other competent authority.

2.4 Barriers
When a permit is granted for waste management equipment to be placed on pavements, the collection units must have barriers to prevent blind and visually impaired people from colliding with them (use approved barriers). If the pavement is blocked, an alternative temporary path must be established.

2.5 Sundays and holidays
Leaving collection units on public property on Sundays and holidays is not allowed without a permit.

2.6 Invoice recipient and address
The customer must provide Retura TRV AS with the correct invoice recipient and address at all times.



3.1 Accessibility
The customer is responsible for accessibility in connection with collection/emptying of units, containers, compressors and other equipment/waste. Furthermore, the customer must inform Retura TRV AS of any and all changes that significantly affects accessibility.

3.2 Container management
If the emptying of containers is significantly delayed due to wheeling distance (beyond 20 metres), multiple floors or locked doors where no key is provided, Retura TRV may charge an additional fee.

3.3 Waste placed on a ramp
If the waste is placed on a ramp, the customer is responsible for making sure the collection location is equipped with lifting platforms or similar equipment, to allow for the waste unit to be easily transported down to the level where the collection vehicle is able to complete the job.

3.4 Steep access
If the angle of the transport path is steep, and the container is too heavy to wheel, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the waste units are located on a level where the collection vehicle is able to complete the job.

3.5 Plastic and cardboard compactors
Cardboard and plastic bales must be removed from the baler, secured for transport and placed where they can be accessed with a pallet jack.


4.1 Non-conformities
Non-conformities in the customer’s waste may be invoiced with a turn-up fee/unsuccesful trip fee (in case of removal with a compactor truck), or with a non-conformity fee and processing fee.

4.2 Breach of contract
In case of material breach of contract, the party affected by the breach may terminate the contract with a written notice and claim compensation for any direct losses incurred as a result of the breach. Before the contract is finally terminated, the party requesting the termination must summon the parties to a negotiation meeting, where the parties attempt to find a solution under which the contractual relationship may continue.

4.3 Damaged unit
If a unit/container is damaged as a result of use or treatment the customer understood or should to have understood was destructive, the customer is liable for the damage.

4.4 Lost unit/container
The customer is liable in full for any units/containers lost from the place where they were put.


5.1 General price adjustments
Prices are normally adjusted on 1. January every year. The general adjustment is linked to the consumer price index.

5.2 Waste
Waste fees are subject to changes in the national/municipal waste fee scale. The adjustments take effect on the date the national/municipal changes take effect. Pure waste fractions may be subject to adjustment based on developments in national/international markets. Waste fees may also be adjusted in response to extraordinary situations in the fuel/energy markets.

5.3 Changes from material companies/final treatment facilities
In case of significant changes in prices charged by material companies/treatment facilities, Retura TRV AS may adjust its prices accordingly. Price adjustments take effect on the date the material company/treatment facility changes take effect.

5.4 Transport
Transport fees are adjusted on 1. January every year, in accordance with the previous year’s general price trends (transport price index).
In case of changes in other taxes or charges affecting the transport sector (including, e.g., fuel prices/tolls, etc.), Retura TRV AS may make extraordinary adjustments in transport fees to compensate for this.

5.5 Rental fees
Rental fees are adjusted in accordance with article 3.5.1 of this agreement or a separate agreement.


6.1 Due date
Net per 14 days, if not otherwise agreed.

6.2 Interest on overdue payments
Interest is charged on overdue invoices, in accordance with the Act relating to Interest on Late Payments.

6.3 Invoice fee
No invoice fee will be charged if the invoice is sent via e-mail or EHF. Invoice fees for paper invoices will be charged in accordance with Retura TRV AS’ rates, as adjusted.


Complaints must be made in writing and within 14 days of when the reason for the complaint occurred.


If the outcome of Retura TRV AS’ routine credit rating so indicates, Retura may terminate the agreement with one month’s notice. Alternatively, the parties may agree on prepayment arrangements.


In case a situation that qualifies as force majeure under Norwegian law, occurs, the contractual obligations of the party affected by the situation are suspended. In order to claim force majeure as a reason for non-performance, the affected party must notify the other party without undue delay. The other party’s contractual obligations are similarly suspended for the same period. As soon as the situation resolves and force majeure no longer applies, the contractual obligations of the parties resume.


All disputes based on this agreement shall be sought resolved through negotiations within a period of 3 months. If negotiations are not successful, the matter shall be settled by arbitration in Trondheim District Court.

11. Privacy and communication

11.1 Privacy
Signing this agreement constitutes active consent to Retura TRV AS storing and processing the personal data necessary to ensure performance of this agreement. The personal data in question is limited to the contact person’s name, position, telephone number and e-mail address. The data will be processed in accordance with the European General Data Processing Regulation (GDPR). It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that Retura TRV AS at all times has been provided with correct information about contact persons relevant for the customer account. Retura TRV will store relevant personal data for up to 2 years after the customer account has been closed, for the purpose of potentially reopening the customer account.
For more information, see our privacy policy.

11.2 Communication
By signing this agreement, the customer consents to Retura TRV AS sending out relevant information via e-mail or other means of electronic communication.


Download these terms as a PDF file here.